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The Occasional Thought

This section of our website is dedicated to providing comment and opinion from our minister on a variety of topics. It does not represent any official position of our church or denomination in areas not specified by our doctrinal sub-standards. Items included may vary greatly as to their importance or their manner of treatment. Some lengthy articles and booklets are included alongside of brief occasional comments. It may be that the minister will include links or articles by others that have caught his attention. While this is not presented in the form of a blog, please feel free to contact Rev. Kimbro with any comments or questions.

The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness
In this, and every age, the doctrine of justification is vital to the very existence of the Church. In this booklet, Rev. Kimbro addresses the current crisis within the Evangelical Church with reference to the doctrine of justification. Particular emphasis is placed upon the need for a proper understanding of the historic Covenant Theology. This understanding provides a needed source of comfort for many modern Christians. Click Here to read more.
A Defence of Church Standards Regarding Alcoholic Beverages
"For some time now I have been convinced of the need for a brief booklet written in explanation and defense of the policy of our local church and our denomination regarding abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The following pages are a modest attempt at filling that need. The policy in question is one of a voluntary abstinence from the use of alcoholic beverages by its members." Click Here to read more.
Fundamentalism: Whence? Where? Whither?

This is an article from a series of articles by a Fundamentalist scholar, Dr. Kevin Bauder,  addressing the relationship of the movement of Fundamentalism to popular culture in the mid-20th century. I found it to be an insightful analysis of a subject of great interest to me. Click Here to read more.

One Bible, One Gospel

This article first appeared in our denominational magazine Let the Bible Speak. It provides a brief summary of the Reformed overview of the Bible known as Covenant Theology. Click Here to read more.

I'd Rather Err With the Baptists

This article first appeared on David Murray's blog, It focuses on the dangers of presumptive regeneration and emphasizes our need to evangelize our children.

Not As A Thief

It’s no mystery that American Evangelicals have a healthy appetite for sensational and even fictional versions of the end times. Over 60 million copies of the Left Behind series and four feature films give ample evidence of that. But how much actual Biblical evidence lies beneath the teaching that Christians will be removed from the earth before the troubles of the last days? Click Here to read more.

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